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Rules For .it Domains:

Why .IT?

.IT is a better option - only 500,000 names registered (2002) - so there is great potential in the namespace with many short dictionary words still available.

.IT stands for Information Technology and so it's great for IT companies, who will more than likely be able to get - for example many companies currently get when the IT is a better alternative.

‘it' is the most common word in the English language and often ends short phrases so it makes for great domains like and - all of which are highly marketable.

Special Requirements?

.it Domains are administered by the Italian Authorities. To register .it domains then-

Companies - Please supply Company Registration Number or VAT Number and Date of Incorporation / Registration.

Individuals - Please supply National Insurance Number, Date and Place of Birth.

Companies may register more than one .it domain whilst individuals are restricted to just one.

Special Arrangements?

The Italian Authorities operate a system unique to themselves! They will not allow the .it domain on our servers with a particular DNS system and therefore on all Plans except for Web+, L-Web+ and Forward we will include a FREE name as well. Both domains will be owned by you the applicant.

If you choose then the will be

We will arrange hosting on a separate server for the .it domain and then forward all visitors and email to the name sitting on our servers. This forwarding is cloaked and therefore the URL will always show the .it address rather than the You can easily set up Outlook etc to receive and send email using the .it address. To allow search engines to operate correctly we can set keywords and description against the .it name.

For more details contact us.

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