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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Free Domain Name

All of our plans include a FREE UK Domain Name. If you require a .info, .com, .org or .net domain then we charge an additional £ per annum. If you already have a domain name contact sales to find out how easy it is to transfer to PMHIS!!

Email Forwarding

E-mail forwarding allows the use, for example, of an e-mail address issued by your ISP. All e-mail to is forwarded to this e-mail address.

Web Forwarding

Web forwarding is the same principal as E-mail Forwarding. Visitors to are seamlessly moved to another site, for example, that provided by your ISP.

5 POP3 Email Addresses

POP3 E-mail addresses allow the collection of e-mail of 5 separate accounts wherever you are ion the world! all addresses end with auto-responses and the ability to divert each individual account.

10 Mb Web Space

10Mb of server space for your web sites.

Unlimited Web Space

As much space as you can use!

Unlimited POP3

Allows as many POP3 accounts as you require.


SMTP is the system that sends email from your computer. The SMTP server detail is provided by the ISP your computer connects to the Internet via. On our UNIX Plans we also provide an SMTP service included in the price. The service an be purchased for individual mail boxes on our Windows and Linux Plans.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 - includes FREE Outlook 2003 Licence

We now offer the facility to use Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and include a FREE copy of Microsoft Outlook 2003 with each mailbox. With Exchange server you may; 1) Public folders - create as many as you need and allow all to access 2) HTTP and HTTP over VPN access - access your Outlook email, calendar, contacts etc via HTTP when away from the office 3) Virus and spam protection include 4) Shared calendars - make and check appointments with colleagues 5) Shared address books - includes automatically populated global address list and offline address books 6) Outlook Web Access - full benefits of Outlook 2003, using a web browser 7)Outlook Mobile Access - access using compatible mobile devices 8) ActiveSync - synchronise with compatible mobile devices 9) Mix POP3 and Microsoft Exchange 2003 mailboxes on same domain 10) Flexible mailbox space - add more when you need it. For further information ring us on 020 7193 0455

In short; the Exchange Server hosts your Outlook .pst file which you can then access via Outlook on your local machine, MS Outlook Web Access via any Internet enabled machine and via WAP on your mobile phone! The service also includes SPAM Filtering and Anti-Virus Protection.

Click here to check which Plans allow the use of Exchange 2003.

Custom Error Pages

On UNIX Plans you may customize a single generic error page to be displayed on your site. This can be set up from the control panel. On Web+ Plans , together with our Linux Plan, you can choose to display a single error page of your design for errors 400 (Bad Request), 401 (Unauthorized), 403 (Forbidden), 404 (Not Found) and 500 (Internal Server Error) or have a different page for each error. Ask Support for further details.

Raw Log Files

These files are kept on the server for fourteen days and allow download and analysis, using software of your choice, to establish information on hits to your site and much more!


Our servers allow the use of any ODBC compliant database.  

MS Access

The real power of the Web is the publishing / collection of data. Our servers allow the use of Microsoft Access databases on your site.  

Web Mail

When using your own computer then email can be collected using Outlook Express etc. When away from home you may still collect, send and reply from your email accounts via the www using WebMail on the Internet.  


With the SMS facility you will receive text messages to your mobile phone when email arrives. It is possible to filter to enable SMS when email received from certain addresses or with certain words in the message. Each message is charged at 25p and billed direct to your mobile phone account.   

Spam Filter

Use this filter to prevent 'spam' from reaching your Inbox!    

Front Page

Front Page 2002 extensions are available on Windows Servers with Front Page 2000 extensions on the UNIX Servers. These extensions allow the use of Microsoft's Front Page 2000, or better, web design software on Windows or UNIX.  


MySQL is the ideal partner to PHP4 on all of our Servers. MySQL databases are sold in 150 Mb allotments. There is a wealth of sites supporting this software and perhaps the best place to start for detail on this excellent relational database is to go to 

.Net 2 Framework

For an additional charge you can add FULL and unrestricted support for Microsoft's .NET 2 Framework.


ASP is a powerful tool for creating dynamic content and connecting to ODBC databases. Documentation for ASP is available at Microsoft. We support the latest Microsoft ASP version 3 which is faster and more reliable than earlier versions. Do not be fooled by competitors running Linux Servers with 'emulated' ASP support.


PHP is a powerful server side scripting language ideal for the creation of dynamic data driven web sites. 


On UNIX servers each domain on your server will have its own CGI-bin directory, enabling full and unrestricted use of CGI scripts. With UNIX Plans there are a number of FREE scripts to use including a Bulletin Board. CGI scripts can be called from any directory on Windows servers. 


A private directory for CGI Scripts on UNIX servers and Perl scripts may be in any directory on the Windows servers.  

Full FTP

You will be issued with an FTP account so that you can upload the files for your website.  


We support two methods of sending e-mail from scripts. CDONTS is part of Windows NT / 2000 whilst Jmail (v4) is a third party tool. See our support pages for examples of their use. 


XML allows developers to easily describe and deliver rich, structured data from any application in a standard, consistent way. Version 3 of the Microsoft XML Parser is installed on our servers.

ASP Upload

ASPUpload (v3) is a method to allow users to upload files to your site! Example scripts are available fro the support pages.    

Free CGI Scripts

With UNIX Plans there are a number of FREE scripts to use including a Bulletin Board & GuestBook. 

Control Panel

To allow control of your domain then a CP is included with our top Windows Plan and all UNIX Plans. We will always make changes promptly for clients who do not have a CP. 

Secure Folders

On all of our servers you may setup directories on your site that can only be accessed by entering usernames and passwords that you dictate. An ideal way to create members areas. We supply code for this upon request for clients on Windows Servers while UNIX Server have a built in script. 

Site Statistics

We can provide graphical site statistics for your site as an optional extra. 


SSL gives you the ability to communicate securely with your web customers. SSL protects all communications with your clients, so you can take credit card orders, protect sensitive personal information, and ensure that foreign hackers do not detect your passwords. SSL security makes eavesdropping on your web traffic almost impossible. All this security and peace of mind is provided on a secure shared server. 


You can create MSSQL Server databases on your account and have full control of them via the Microsoft Enterprise Manager or ODBC. MSSQL Server is the most powerful database available for the web today and is the solution used by many corporate and financial institutions world-wide. Price is for 150Mb of space on the MS SQL Server.

Data Backup

On UNIX Plans your data is backed up daily in addition to a RAID system where a current copy of your site is available if a hardware problem arises. This ensures maximum resilience. We advise that you keep your own copy of your site as the server backup is intended to be used to restore the whole server rather than individual sites. 

Virus Protection

All email arriving in your inbox is checked for current viruses on UNIX servers with this facility as an optional extra on Windows Plans.  

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